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Route 11 Yard Crawl mania begins a day early

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By this time tomorrow, U.S. Route 11 from Stephens City in Frederick County all the down through Shenandoah County to New Market will be filled with buyers looking for bargains at hundreds of yard sales.

You can get a head start on your Route 11 Yard Crawl shopping spree today - vendors are already setting up shop along the route!

Some of our Sweet Valley Deals readers will be out there selling their trinkets, treasures and, yes, trash (but you know what they say - one man's trash...yada yada). Click here to see what's on their tables and where they're setting up

Earlier this week I posted a great video about the crawl shot by Ed Bickel of WVPT - Virginia Public Television. He says WVPT is selling a documentary about the crawl to help support the station. Visit WVPT's website to purchase the video. (Hey, you may be in it if you were at last year's crawl!).

Here's a preview:

1 Comment

We went today (Friday) and it was great! A lot of people already set up because of the beautiful weather! They should make it a two day event.. if you are going to take the time to set up you might as well have two days to sell your stuff! We had a blast last year too!

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