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Three coupon inserts in today's Daily!

Pick up a couple of extra papers of the Daily today (or wait until Friday and buy them for half price)...there are three coupon inserts!

SmartSource this week includes coupons for soup, stuffing, tortilla chips, diapers, fresh chicken, toilet tissue, toothpaste, laundry detergent, pet food, yogurt, granola bars, frozen vegetables

A second SmartSource insert includes a coupon for $1 off three boxes of General Mills cereals, which you can use this to buy the Coco Puffs or Trix at Martin's - they're just $2 a box.

Restaurant coupons inserted in today's paper include:

Red Lobster:
  • $4 off two dinner entrees
  • $3 off any two lunch entrees
Kentucky Fried Chicken:
  • Buy one sandwich, get one free
  • $2.99 for chunky chicken pot pie
  • $4 2-piece meal
  • $4 breast deal
  • $4 Colonel's crispy strips deal
  • $6 double down combo
  • $10 7-piece value meal
  • $10 10-piece bucket
  • $16 10-piece family meal
  • Buy one Sonic burger, get one free
  • $.99 small shake
  • $1.29 medium chili cheese tots
  • $1.29 regular Sonic blast
  • $2.99 extra-long cheese Coney and regular tots
  • $1.99 mozzarella sticks
  • $1.99 Wacky Pack kid's meal with purchase of any numbered combo
  • $2.99 bacon cheeseburger toaster sandwich
  • Buy one regular roast beef or been n' cheddar and get one free
  • $1.99 regular roast beef sandwich
  • $1.99 regular side kicker
  • $2.99 prime-cut chicken tenders snack
  • 3 for $5 regular beef 'n cheddar sandwich
  • 2 for $5 chicken choice, crispy or roast chicken sandwiches
  • $3.99 regular roast beef or beef n' cheddar combo
  • $1 off any market fresh sandwich


Where can we buy them at half off at on Friday's?

You can buy them at the Northern Virginia Daily office at 152 N. Holliday St., Strasburg, between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mention that you are a Sweet Valley Deals reader.

Here's more info: http://www.sweetvalleydeals.com/2011/06/a-special-offer-to-local-extreme-couponers.html

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