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P&G brandSAVER insert coupons = $80+ in savings

I was delighted to see this month's P&G brandSAVER newspaper insert - it is full of savings - more than $80 worth!

There really are some great deals.  For example, $1.50 off Tide or Downy, $1 - $2 off Herbal Essences, Olay, Secret, and Aussie products (though I wish they would not put their coupons on a black background - too hard to read!),  $5 off a Venus razor, $3 off two Pantene products, and $7 off Crest strips.

Save up to $15 in Gillette products - some of which would make nice stocking stuffers - $5 off a Braun cruZer, $5 off a Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor when you buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Cartridge, $1 off two Old Spice products (I hope they bring back the Old Spice man for some holiday commercials!).

There are a lot of battery coupons in circulation - be sure to clip the P&G insert coupons for $1 and $1.50 off and stock up!

Clean up and make your home smell great for the holidays - coupons for $1 off 1 Bounty 6-roll paper towels or larger and $2 off one Febreeze Home Collection candle or No Spill Diffuser can be found in the  insert.

Happy clipping!


Is there a way to know when the inserts are going to be in the NV Daily? Is there a "usual" day(s) that Red Plum, Smart Source, GM, and P&G are included?
I was disappointed to discover that there was no P&G in this past Saturday's edition as I expected, but had been in Friday's (which I didn't expect or pick up). So, I ended up having to pick up multiples of the Washington Post at over $2 a copy on Sunday just to get my P&Gs.

We post the daily inserts at www.nvdaily.com - top right corner.

Normally RedPlum is in Saturday's paper. Smart Source usually goes in Tuesday or Wednesday's paper. P&G is usually in Saturday's paper, but last week was an exception due to the large number of inserts for Black Friday.

Remember - you can purchase back copies of the Daily for your inserts - as long as we have them available!

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